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Demographics - Salida, Buena Vista, Leadville
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Salida - Buena Vista - Chaffee County - Collegiate Peaks area - Arkansas Valley - San Luis Valley
General Demographics information for Leadville, Buena Vista, and Salida.
I. Population
(U.S. Census Bureau)
A. Lake County (2001) 7,812
1. Leadville 2,821
White Persons 77.6%
Black or African American 0.2%
Hispanic or Latino origin 36.1%
Asian and Pacific 0.3%
American Indian & Alaska Native 1.3%
B. Chaffee County (2001) 16,242
1. North half (Buena Vista, Granite, Nathrop) 5,000
Buena Vista (city limits) 2,150
2. South Half (Poncha Springs, Salida) 11,242
Salida (city limits) 5,500
White Persons 90.9%
Black or African American 1.6%
Hispanic or Latino origin 8.6%
Asian & Pacific 0.4%
American Indian 1.1%

II. Family Income
A. Lake County
1. Personal Income per capita $23,898
2. Median Household income $37,691
B. Chaffee County
1. Personal Income per capita $18,524
2. Median Household income $34,368

III. Labor Force Statistics
A. Lake County
1. Available 5,927
2. Employed 4,306
3. Unemployment Rate 6.1%
B. Chaffee County
1. Available 13,484
2. Employed 7,142
3. Unemployment Rate 4.7%

IV. Employment by Occupation
A. Lake County
1. Management/Professional 959
2. Service Occupations 947
3. Sales & Office Occupations 787
4. Farming, 0
5. Construction, Extraction & Maintenance 990
6. Production, Transportation 364
B. Chaffee County
1. Management/Professional 2,049
2. Service Occupations 1,469
3. Sales & Office Occupations 1,676
4. Farming, Forestry 56
5. Construction, Extraction & Maintenance 952
6. Production, Transportation 603

V. Climate
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weather in Buena Vista, Leadville and Salida)
A. Lake County
Average 310 days of sunshine each year. A typical summer day is sunny, in the 70's and
evening temperatures in the 40's. Humidity is very low and brief afternoon showers are
reasonably common. Annual snowfall averages 200+ inches with snow on the ground
usually from the end of October until the middle of May. Winter typically features sunny and
bright days with high's averaging in the mid 30's and lows from 10-1 degree.
B. Chaffee County
Average 300 days of sunshine each year. A typical summer day is sunny, in the high 70's to
low 80's and evening temperatures in the high 40's and low 50's. Annual rainfall is 10.15"
and annual snowfall is 30.4" with most snow occurring from the end of October through
April. Winter typically features sunny and bright days with high's averaging in the mid 40's
and lows from the mid teens.

VI. Density
A. Lake County 377 square miles
B. Chaffee County 1,013 square miles

VII. Elevation
A. Lake County
1. Highest Point 14,433 feet
2. Lowest Point 9,007 feet
B. Chaffee County
1. Highest Point 14,218
2. Lowest Point 6,900

VIII. Community Information
A. Lake County
1. Community Centers
a) Elizabeth McCourt Community Center
b) Lake County Recreation Center
2. Media
a) Herald Democrat Newspaper (weekly) 719-486-0641
b) Leadville Chronicle Newspaper (weekly) 719-486-3666
c) KVRH 106.3 FM radio
d) Channel 10 local public TV station
3. Libraries
a) Lake County Library - 719-486-0563
b) Colorado Mountain College Library - 719-486-2015
4. Fire Protection District
a) 9 certified firefighters + 19 volunteer - 719-486-2990
5. Ambulance Service
a) St. Vincent General Hospital Ambulance Service
b) Air Ambulance Service (Flight For Life)
B. Chaffee County
1. Community Center
a) Buena Vista Community Center
b) Salida area banks allow community use of meeting rooms
2. Media
a) Chaffee County Times Newspaper (weekly) 719-395-8621
b) Mountain Mail Newspaper (daily) 719-539-6691
c) KVRH 106.3 FM radio
d) Channel 10 & 12 local access cable television
3. Libraries
a) Buena Vista Public Library - 719-395-8700
b) Salida Regional Library - 719-539-4826
4. Fire Protection Districts
a) Volunteer Fire Department (15 persons - average response time 5 minutes)
b) Chaffee County Fire Protection District
5. Ambulance Services
a) Emergency Medical Services: response time 4-8 minutes - 7 ambulances
b) Also Flight For Life Air Service available

IX. Transportation
A. Lake County
Leadville and Twin Lakes are both easily accessible by auto. The Lake County Airport does
not have commercial service, but can be accessed by private aircraft (Denver: 125 miles,
Colorado Springs: 135 miles and Eagle County Airport: 63 miles)
B. Chaffee County
Buena Vista, Salida and Poncha Springs are easily accessible by auto. The Central
Colorado Regional Airport (Buena Vista) can accommodate private and commercial
airplanes, and has a large hanger, fixed base operator and other services. The Salida

X. Environment/Infrastructure
A. Lake County
1. Water Supplier (Leadville)
Parkville Water Company - 719-486-1449
2. Electric/Gas
Xcel (Public Service Company) - 800-772-7858
Sangre de Cristo Electric Assoc 719-395-2412
3. Waste Water
Leadville Sanitation District - 719-486-2993
The Sanitation District serves primarily the Leadville area, with most rural subdivisions
connected to a private treatment system.
4. Landfill
Landfill life is 40+ years and accepts 18,000 cubic yards/year
5. Air Quality
At 10,000 feet we meet or exceed all air quality standards.
B. Chaffee County
1. Water Supplier
a) Town of Buena Vista - Public Works Dept of Water
b) City of Salida - Public Works Dept of Water
c) Poncha Springs - Public Works
2. Electric/Gas
a) Sangre de Cristo Electric Co-Op Association 719-395-8742
b) Comfurt Gas Company 719-395-8445
c) Xcel Energy (Public Service Company)
3. Waste Water
a) Buena Vista Sanitation District
4. Landfill
a) Chaffee County Landfill
5. Air Quality
Air quality exceeds all air quality standards

XI. Government
A. Lake County (county seat: Leadville)
1. County: three member board of Commissioners 719-486-0993
2. Leadville: Statutory City, Mayor & Council 719-486-2092
B. Chaffee County (county seat: Salida)
1. Chaffee County: three member board of Commissioners
2. Buena Vista: Statutory Mayor and 6 Trustees
3. Salida: Statutory Mayor & 7 trustees
4. Poncha Springs: Statutory Mayor & 5 trustees
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